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They fly forgotten, as a dream

Some lesser-known church musicians from the Victorian and Edwardian eras

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They fly forgotten, as a dream

Some lesser-known church musicians from the Victorian and Edwardian eras

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Publisher: RSCM Press
ISBN: 9780854023028
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 03/07/2020

The Book

A few church musicians of today may recognise the names of J H Maunder, Caleb Simper and Ferris Tozer, but very few will know very much about them, their lives or their music. Better-known perhaps are the names of Hugh Blair, Sir Herbert Brewer and Basil Harwood but, apart from a few compositions still in the repertoire, little of their other work is known or performed today. The authors have researched the life and times of 46 church musicians born between 1840 and 1870. All were well-known characters in their day – ranging from the highlyproficient to the completely eccentric, and from the much-loved to the irascible. The music of some is certainly worthy of reappraisal, the music of others ranges from the curious to the banal.

The CD

The mixed-media CD which accompanies this book includes around 200 scores of organ and choral music in pdf format, all in the public domain and free to share. Comprehensive works lists are given for the composers, together with over four hours of recorded organ music in mp3 format – 40 pieces to whet your appetite for this important and neglected era in church music.


Introduction p. iii

Abbreviations p. iv

Foreword p. vii


Part One: Cathedral and Collegiate Musicians

Chapter 1: Walter Alcock p. 3

Chapter 2: Ivor Atkins p. 11

Chapter 3: George Bennett p. 15

Chapter 4: Hugh Blair p. 21

Chapter 5: Herbert Brewer p. 39

Chapter 6: Frederick Bridge p. 47

Chapter 7: Francis Gladstone p. 65

Chapter 8: Alan Gray p. 73

Chapter 9: Basil Harwood p. 77

Chapter 10: Charles Harford Lloyd p. 109

Chapter 11: Bertram Luard-Selby p. 121

Chapter 12: Arthur Mann p. 127

Chapter 13: George Martin p. 133

Chapter 14: Walter Parratt p. 141

Chapter 15: George Riseley p. 153

Chapter 16: Varley Roberts p. 161

Chapter 17: George Sinclair p. 167

Chapter 18: Richard Terry p. 173

Chapter 19: Herbert Woodward p. 185


Part Two: Parish and Academic Musicians

Chapter 20: Edward Bellerby p. 191

Chapter 21: Ernest Dicks p. 195

Chapter 22: Frederick Docker p. 199

Chapter 23: William Faulkes p. 207

Chapter 24: Charles Joseph Frost p. 217

Chapter 25: Henry Gadsby p. 223

Chapter 26: Warwick Jordan p. 229

Chapter 27: Edwin H Lemare p. 231

Chapter 28: Charles William Pearce p. 249

Chapter 29: Churchill Sibley p. 253

Chapter 30: Walter Spinney p. 257

Chapter 31: Charles Vincent p. 263

Chapter 32: John E West p. 273

Chapter 33: Cunningham Woods p. 283


Part Three: Amateur Musicians and Autodidacts

Chapter 34: Stuart Archer p. 289

Chapter 35: Townshend Driffield p. 297

Chapter 36: Charles John Grey p. 303

Chapter 37: John Henry Maunder p. 305

Chapter 38: Ebenezer Minshall p. 311

Chapter 39: Henry Ernest Nichol p. 317

Chapter 40: Alfred and Charles Rawlings p. 321

Chapter 41: Samuel Rowton p. 327

Chapter 42: Royle Shore p. 329

Chapter 43: Caleb Simper p. 337

Chapter 44: Bruce Steane p. 341

Chapter 45: Ferris Tozer p. 345



Appendix 1: Index to the CD p. 353

Worklists p. 353

Organ music scores p. 355

Choral music scores p. 356

Recordings p. 357

Appendix 2: Organ Music Serials p. 359

Appendix 3: Organists’ Wealth p. 363

Name Index p. 365

John Henderson, Trevor Jarvis