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Composition Review Service Fee

Composition Review Service Fee

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Publisher: RSCM Press

What is the RSCM’s Composition Review Service?

As an educational organization, the RSCM provides tuition and feedback through specialist courses and training events. As a publisher, RSCM Press receives a huge amount of unsolicited music for consideration every week. Responding to this level of interest, we invite amateur composers and arrangers wishing to develop and improve approach, technique and style to partake of our Composition Review Service. For a single fee, you can receive a detailed commentary on your composition from experienced composers and church musicians usually within one month

What can I submit for review?

A piece or group of pieces totaling no more than five (5) minutes of music (excluding repeats). Fees for larger submissions can be quoted on request.

How can I submit my work and how will it be returned?

Download an application form here.

Please email a completed application form with your attached files (in Sibelius or PDF file format only) to RSCM Composition Review Service. Files will be returned, with the reviewer’s comments, by e-mail. Please note that scores should not contain your name (see below).

What does it cost and how do I pay?

RSCM Affiliate Members: £66

RSCM Individual Members: £76.56

Non-RSCM: £88

RSCM Members need to be logged-in using as a member to receive the discounts price. Then 'Add to basket' above and purchase the fee.

What will I receive?

You will receive a marked-up copy of your score(s), with detailed analysis and general comments on all aspects of your music: word-setting, melody, harmony, accompaniment, structure, liturgical usage, presentation. Feedback will be affirming and constructively critical. 

How long will it take?

For UK entries, we aim to send back the reviewed submissions within 30 days; overseas entries will take slightly longer to allow for postage time.

Will I know who reviews my work?

No. The Composition Review Service is conducted entirely anonymously. Composers should omit their names from their score(s). No information on the identity of either reviewer or composer will be disclosed, and all correspondence will be through the Administrator.