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The Bronze Collection Book Two

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The Bronze Collection Book Two

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The Bronze Collection Book Two

More Anthems and Songs for the RSCM Bronze and Dean’s Awards

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The latest RSCM Bronze Award syllabus revision offers a uniform, and increased, choice of Section A music to candidates in all of our Areas. This book contains 20 such anthems, List C where the melody line is sung, and List D, where the candidate sings their own part, in addition to the 34 already published in the RSCM Bronze Collection Book One.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Catalogue No. B0392
Publisher RSCM Press


List C

1 B. Britten: A New Year Carol

2 Martin How: Easter Greeting

3 D. Sanger: Child in the Manger

4 David Ogden: Christ has no body now but yours

5 David Iliff: How lovely is that dwelling-place

6 Peter Hurford: Litany to the Holy Spirit

7 W. Hawkins: I’m goin’ up a yonder

8 H. Oxley Mater: Ora Filium

9 R. Vaughan Williams: This is the truth sent from above

10 Peter Skellern: Waiting for the word

List D

11 W. A Mozart: Ave verum corpus

12 John Barnard: Bless, O Lord, us thy servants

13 Simon Lole: I am the bread of life

14 Peter Nardone: I give to you a new commandment

15 John Barnard: Lord, I want to be a Christian

16 J. S. Bach: Sing out, my heart, in gladness

17 T. A. Attwod: Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes

18 C. Wood: This joyful Eastertide

19 H. Purcell: Thou knowest Lord, the secrets of our hearts

20 G. A. Woodward: Up! Good Christenfolk, and listen