Page 111 - Chorister's Companion
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                                  A guide to church services
The bread is broken
• While this happens, we might say or sing the Agnus Dei, a prayer to Jesus for mercy and peace
We receive the broken bread and the wine
The Dismissal
We receive God’s blessing
We are sent out – with a job to do: to take God’s love and the message of Jesus to those we meet in daily life.
Christians vary in their views about who may receive Holy Communion. In the Orthodox Church, Communion is given to all baptized worshippers (including babies!). In the Roman Catholic Church, baptized children are admitted to Communion by the parish priest. In the Church of England, Communion is given only after a baptized person has been either confirmed by the bishop or – if the parish and bishop agree – admitted to Holy Communion by the local priest. Admission of baptized children to Communion takes place after a teaching course in the local church.

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