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                                                                  The Church and its worship
Songs from the Bible
In Services of the Word (especially Morning and Evening Prayer), the Bible readings are often followed by a Canticle. This is a set of words (usually) from the Bible, designed to be sung in worship. Examples of Canticles which are often sung are:
• Magnificat, the song Mary sang after hearing the news that she was going to give birth to God’s Son. It is taken from Luke 1: 46–55
• Benedictus, the song sung by Zechariah after the birth of his son, John the Baptist. It can be found in Luke 1: 68–79
• Nunc Dimittis, the song of Simeon, sung after he recognized Jesus as the Saviour of all people. Found in Luke 2: 29–32
• Jubilate Deo – Psalm 100, a song which invites us to praise God.
• Venite – Psalm 95, a song which invites us to praise God.
• Benedicite, a song of creation’s praise to God, taken from the Song of the Three in the Apocrypha.
• Te Deum Laudamus, a hymn beginning ‘We praise thee O God’ which is not in the
Bible but is one of the songs of the early Church.

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