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                                                                  The Church and its worship
A Latin word meaning ‘Blessed’. There are two different sets of words with this name. One is a Canticle, often sung at Morning Prayer. The other is a verse from Psalm 118 which often follows the Sanctus in the Eucharistic Prayer.
A Canticle is a collection of words (usually) from the Bible which are designed to be sung in worship. Examples of Canticles are the Magnificat (which comes from Luke 1: 46–55), the Benedictus (Luke 1: 68–79) and Nunc Dimittis (Luke 2: 29–32).
A word meaning ‘universal’, used to describe the world-wide Church.
A collect is a prayer which ‘collects together’ the prayers of everyone. In most churches, this happens
in the Gathering. At Matins and Evensong, three collects are said
or sung towards the end of the service.
A late evening service, sometimes called ‘Night Prayer’.
Catholic Collect

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