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                                                                  Some difficult words used in worship
It’s hard to live as Christians and we often get it wrong. Because
of this, most services include a ‘confession’ in which we ask God to forgive us our sins: the wrong things we have said, thought or done. In some churches there is also a tradition of making a private confession to a priest.
A Creed is a statement of what
we believe. Christians have traditionally used two Creeds
in worship: the Nicene Creed
(at Holy Communion) and the Apostles’ Creed (at Morning
and Evening Prayer), but some churches also have other authorised Affirmations of Faith, most of which are taken from the Bible.
If parts of the service are sung in Latin, the Creed will be called the Credo.
In the Roman Catholic Church and Church of England, a Deacon is an ordained minister who assists a priest with whom he or she works.

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