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                                                                  The Organ
If you do venture inside an organ, you will see pipes of all different sizes and shapes.
The taller the pipe, the lower the pitch of the note will be. The shorter the pipe, the higher the pitch will be.
In very large organs, the tallest pipes might be 32 feet high (10.6 metres) which is even higher than 2 double-decker buses, one on top of the other! The smallest pipe is probably about the size of your little finger (and is so sensitive that it would go out of tune if you brushed it lightly when walking past.)
Most pipes are made of metal, although some are wooden and produce softer sounds.
Some pipes look more like metal cylinders. These contain reeds in the boot at the bottom of the pipe, so that the sound is rather like a trumpet or oboe or clarinet, depending on how the pipe is made.

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