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                                  Church Music Composers
GREENE, Maurice (1695–1755). Was a chorister at St Paul’s Cathedral under Jeremiah Clarke, and he became organist there himself in . He was also Master of the King’s Musick, a founder of the Society of Musicians and he began a project to compile a large collection of church music for all the cathedrals in the country. He died just before this was finished, but the collection was eventually published as “Boyce’s Cathedral Music” in . His own anthems include Thou visiteth the earth for harvest, and Lord, let me know mine end.
GUERRERO, Francisco (1528–1599). A Spanish Renaissance composer, he was a chorister in Seville Cathedral and became choirmaster at Jaen Cathedral by the age of . From  he was back in Seville and, after visiting the Holy Land in , he was captured by pirates and held for ransom. He composed both sacred and secular vocal music which includes over  motets, over  masses and several Passions. His music has a special spiritual quality and his Ave virgo sanctissima of , is one of the best-known Spanish works of the th Century.
HANDEL, George Frideric (1685–1759). Was born in Germany but lived in London from  until his death. A prolific composer, he composed over  operas,  oratorios including Messiah, many cantatas, arias, and duets,  organ concertos,  keyboard suites, much chamber music, two sets of Concerti Grossi for orchestra and a great deal of sacred music. His music was often written for special occasions, such as The

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