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  Church Music Composers
Several anthems in cathedral and parish repertoire are extracts from his oratorios including There shall a star, Above all praise and majesty, I waited for the Lord and How lovely are the messengers.
MERBECKE, John (c.1510–c.1585). Often spelt Marbeck or Marbecke, was a lay clerk and then organist of St George’s Chapel in Windsor. He was arrested with two other lay clerks and condemned to death for heresy in  but reprieved by the Bishop of Winchester and returned to his organist duties. He is best known for his Book of Common Prayer Noted of , a complete setting of the new English services to plainsong using the principle of a single note to each syllable. This remained in use for over  years but its use declined with the arrival of the  and Common Worship services.
MOORE, Philip (b.1943). Was organist of Guildford Cathedral and then, for more than  years at York Minster until retirement in . His portfolio covers a wide spectrum, from Liturgical music ( settings of the Evening Canticles,  Communion/Mass settings and  sets of Responses), through over  anthems and carols to full scale cantatas and a Passion. His beautiful Passiontide anthem It is a thing most wonderful was composed for an  festival and his Preces & Responses, Three Prayers of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his plainsong based Evening Services are in the repertoire of many churches and cathedrals.

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