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  Church Music Composers
Dominum are widely sung in church along with several of his Missae Breves.
NICHOLSON, Sydney (1875–1947). Sir Sydney was organist of Carlisle and Manchester Cathedrals before appointment to Westminster Abbey in . He founded the School of English Church Music in  incorporated by Royal Charter as the Royal School of Church Music in , and worked tirelessly to teach and train choirs and organists in both the  and around the world. He served as music editor to Hymns Ancient & Modern, contributing tunes to several editions. He was responsible for the Parish Psalter and composed anthems and services suitable for both parish and cathedral. He was knighted by King George VI in 1938 for his services to church music. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.
OGDEN, David (b.1966). Studied at Bristol University, was Director of Music at Clifton Cathedral from  to . He directs the  Millennium Youth Choir and is a Special Advisor to the . His anthems, all contemporary but tonal, include Go forth and tell, Christ has no body now but yours, and Love’s redeeming work is done.
OUSELEY, Frederick Arthur Gore (1825–1889). The Revd Sir Frederick Ouseley founded the College of St Michael in Tenbury, a choir school which sang Anglican cathedral style services from  until closure in . He was Precentor of Hereford Cathedral and Professor of Music at Oxford University to whom he left his unique library of rare books, manuscripts and

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