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                                                                  Introducing Voice for Life
MODULE E: Choir in context
What is your choir for? What is its purpose? The choir is a team or community in its own right, but it is also part of a wider community – a church or a school, village or town. If you are part of a church choir, you will be ‘leading’ the congregation in their musical worship, but you need to remember that you are also part of the congregation, not a separate entity. You need to see yourself as part of the whole church.
When you finish singing for a service it is good to ask yourself whether you were really engaged in the service or whether you just switched-off as soon as you finished singing. Did you really manage to pray? Did you listen to God’s word? This module reminds us that as a chorister in a choir, we have an important job to do, but we are also an important part of a wider family/community.

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