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Relaxed shoulders and throat
 To remind yourself that you need to keep relaxed shoulders and throat when breathing, try lying down on the floor on your back. Breathe in and out deeply and make a mental note of how relaxed your shoulders and throat are. Then stand up, breathe in and out deeply again, and try to get the same level of relaxation in your shoulders and throat again.
Controlling the breath with a hiss
Breathe in slowly to a count of 4 beats (making sure your shoulders and throat stay completely relaxed). Hold for 4 beats and breathe out over a count of 4 hissing like a snake or a kettle letting off steam. Now try again, keeping your inward count at 4 and your holding count at 4, but increasing the number of counts you breathe out over to 6, then 8, then 10 or more if you can manage it!

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