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                                                                  Tone and range
The tone and range of your voice
In your throat is the voice box or larynx. This contains your vocal folds: sound is made by breath passing through these vocal folds and making them vibrate. (If you want to know where the larynx is, put your hands or fingers gently on your throat while you speak or sing – you will feel the vibrations from your larynx. You can also feel the larynx move upwards when you swallow.)
The sound that comes from the vocal folds is amplified by the throat, mouth and, to some extent, the nose as it resonates in these hollow parts of your body. You should always aim for a resonant, focused sound when you sing, and the following will help you to do this:
• Make sure you open your mouth when you sing! Otherwise, you will trap the sound inside your mouth. Try singing in front of a mirror – most people are surprised to discover that they are not opening their mouths as wide as they think they are when they sing!

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