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                                                                  Using the voice well
• Try and create as much space inside your mouth as possible when you sing, particularly at the back of the mouth. You might like to try yawning or imagine you are biting into
a large and juicy peach – keep the tongue
flat and feel the soft fleshy part at the back of your mouth (your soft palate) rising. Aim for this relaxed feeling of space when you sing.
• Keep your throat as relaxed and open as possible, and your jaw relaxed when you sing. If you tighten up your jaw or your throat then the sound will become strained or strangled.
• If you want to increase the strength and stamina of your voice so you can sing higher and lower notes in your range, and sing for longer without getting tired, you need to exercise your voice regularly. Singing once a week at choir practice will not be enough to give your singing the strength, agility and stamina that you are hoping for.
Use the exercises in your Singer’s Workbook regularly at home, and take every opportunity you can to sing! Here are some other exercises you might like to use to supplement your practice at home:

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