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                                                                  Using the voice well
Boys’ changing voices
One of the most exciting stages for a young man who loves singing is the time when his voice begins to change. For some singers this change will be gradual, for others it could appear to happen very quickly and come as a surprise.
How do I know that my voice is changing?
are developments you may notice:
• Sudden height gain
• The quality of your speaking voice alters
(this may be pointed out by people you speak to regularly on the telephone).
• You are able to sing more lower notes than before.
• You are now finding that notes around the middle of your range do not have the same qualities or are not singable.
• The top of your range is now more difficult.
• Your speaking voice cracks occasionally and
you feel embarrassed about this.
• Increased variability in your singing, more ‘off’days.
Firstly, DO NOT WORRY! Although these are some of the likely symptoms of a changing voice, it could

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