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This little book is designed to give choristers something that will help them to understand more clearly the religious and musical aspects of their work as church musicians.
It was first published in 1934 as ‘The Choirboy’s Pocket Book’ under the editorship of Sir Sydney Nicholson, founder and first Director of the rscm. It was very popular and sold 140,000 copies in 45 years.
In 1980 it came out in a new edition under the title ‘The Chorister’s Companion’. The then Director, Dr Lionel Dakers, said in his introduction that it was necessary to bring it up to date as so much had changed in the life of the Church since the days before the Second World War when the book was first published.
Nearly thirty years later, the need for a total revision has never been greater and the church in which we now serve with our music making is almost unrecognisable from the church that Sir Sydney served.
Music is, however, still vital to the life of the church and I hope that you will enjoy using this book and that it will enable you to make the most of your musical gifts to the glory of God and to fulfil the motto of the rscm:
I will sing with the spirit and with the understanding also
Lindsay Gray, Director, RSCM June 2009

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