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From Aled Jones, singer
Singing has always been a big part of my life,from performing in local Eisteddfodau (competitive arts festivals) near my home on Anglesey, North Wales, to singing in churches, concert venues and recording
studios all over the world. It’s very demanding and challenging but also hugely fulfilling. I love to sing; I always have done and always will.
Something I learnt when very young is the importance of giving of one’s best, whether to a congregation of a handful of people, or to a packed building with standing room only.There have been many occasions, both happy and sad, when quite clearly the music meant so much to those present, in ways which the spoken word could not.
I’m thrilled to commend The Chorister’s Companion to a new generation of singers. It will help you to serve your church or school community, and use your voice to the best of your ability. Singing is enriching and rewarding in so many different ways; not only are you the proud owner of a Voice for Life, but you are part of a wonderful network of musicians and colleagues worldwide for whom singing is an important part of their lives and faith.

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