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                                                                  Some basic music theory
Keys and scales
Each note in a scale has a technical name according to where it sits in the scale. This technical name is not the same as the pitch (or ‘letter name’) of the note. The pitch name is based on where the note sits on the stave. The technical name is based on the position of the note within the scale itself. In a scale of 8 notes, ascending, the technical names are listed below:
1st note - 2nd note - 3rd note - 4th note - 5th note - 6th note - 7th note - 8th note -
Tonic (Doh) Supertonic (Re) Mediant (Mi) Subdominant (Fa) Dominant (Soh) Submediant (Lah) Leading note (Ti) Tonic (Doh)
 Some singers find it easier to remember the position of the notes in the scale using the tonic sol-fa system – these are given in brackets alongside the technical note names for reference.
Not all pieces of music are written in the same key – that is, they do not all have the same note as their

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