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                                  The music we sing
why it is suitable for that theme, season, time of year or event.
As you progress as a singer you are likely to find yourself involved in concerts (choral and/or solo) and you may eventually become interested in running your own choir or teaching others to sing.
You will need to learn how to make suitable repertoire choices based on theme or season, perhaps choosing appropriate music for the time of year for your church choir, or building a themed concert/recital programme to perform as part of your music exams at school, or for solo performance purposes. Start thinking about how certain pieces of music fit with particular themes and/or times of the year now to build up a good store of knowledge!
There are lots of other interesting bits of information you can find out about the music you sing and you will be asked to research some of this if you are taking part in the Voice for Life training scheme. If you want to know more about the music you sing have a look in your Singer’s Workbook for some ideas on how to find out more, and what questions you could consider.

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