Page 83 - Chorister's Companion
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                                                                  Belonging to the choir
Whoever you are:
• a new member of the choir who does not yet know all the choir’s routines and duties
• a beginner singer who does not feel very confident with their singing voice
• someone who is quite shy and does not know very many people in the choir
• an extremely confident and experienced singer who has been in the choir for a long time
remember that every singer in the choir matters! You matter. Whether you feel that you are a confident singer or not, your commitment is vital in order for your choir to function at its best. Aim to show your commitment in the following ways:
Be the best singer & musician you can
It is important that you constantly work on improving both your singing voice and your musical ability. The more each individual voice improves, the better and stronger the overall sound of the choir will be. The more each singer improves at music-reading, the faster the choir will be able to learn new music.

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