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                                                                  Belonging to the choir
always set an example to others in the choir through your singing and your behaviour.
Make sure everyone in the choir feels welcome and part of the team
Do you remember what it was like when you first joined the choir? Did you know anyone in the choir already? Perhaps someone befriended you and helped you to know what you needed to do like where to sit, and where to find your music. Even for long standing members of a choir, it makes attending rehearsals much more enjoyable if the other singers are friendly and welcoming. Always try to be aware of the other singers in your choir, making sure they feel ‘included’. In particular, keep an eye out for singers who are new or a bit shy – if you make them feel welcome and an important part of the team, they are more likely to enjoy their time in the choir. This will all help the team to function at its best.
If you think someone in the choir is being treated unfairly, hurt or bullied (perhaps they are being called names or teased), or if this is happening to you, then you need to tell someone what is going on, so the situation can be dealt with. Tell the choir trainer and/ or your parents or guardian. If you find that hard to do in person, you could write a note explaining how you feel. But if you need further help and advice on being bullied, visit:

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