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                                                                  Belonging to the choir
You will need to discuss with your choir trainer or teacher your exact duties as a Head Chorister. This differs from choir to choir depending on whether you are part of a church choir, a school choir or community choir. However, here are some hints and tips to help you in your role:
• Only ask others to do what you would be prepared to do yourself.
• Be fair. Never show favouritism.
• Make sure you are clear when you ask others to do something. Don’t assume they know what to do.
• Always give praise and encouragement when your singers have done well. This shows that you notice them and appreciate their efforts.
• You are most likely to influence others by your example rather than by what you say. If you sing well and concentrate during rehearsals and performances then others
are more likely to imitate this behaviour. If you talk during rehearsals or sing badly, do not be surprised when others do the same.
• Do not interfere with your choir trainer’s instructions and never fuss during a rehearsal.

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