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                                                                  The Church’s calendar
by Peter Moger
The Church’s Calendar
As each new year comes around, there are always special dates to mark on the calendar. Every year we celebrate our own birthday, and those of members of our family and our friends. Other events, too, always happen at the same time each year: a new school year always begins in September, and the FA Cup Final is usually held in mid-May. The dates in the calendar and the changing of the seasons help give shape to our lives from year to year. It’s the same in the Church, which also organises each year by a special calendar.
Two types of time
The Christian Year is divided into two types of time: seasonal time and ordinary time. About half the year falls in seasonal time, and half in ordinary time.
Seasonal time covers those parts of the year when we are celebrating something special to do with the Christian faith. Within seasonal time there are two blocks or cycles: the Christmas cycle and the Easter (or Paschal) cycle.

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