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                                                                  The Church and its worship
word mandatum, meaning ‘commandment’). On this day we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples. It was at this meal that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet (John 13: 1–11) and gave them two commandments: to ‘love one another’ (John 13: 14) and to take and share bread and wine in remembrance of him (Luke 22: 19–20).
The Friday of Holy Week, Good Friday, recalls the day when Jesus died on the Cross (John 19: 16–37). This is often celebrated by services including a long reading of the story of Jesus’ death from the Gospels, prayer and carrying a large cross, possibly in church, or perhaps in the open air.
The day before Easter Day (sometimes called Holy Saturday or Easter Eve) is a quiet day as we remember Jesus’ body lying in the tomb.
Easter Day is the most joyful day of the Christian Year: the day when we celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead (John 20: 1–10) and the truth that he is alive today. Some Easter services begin before dawn and include the lighting of an Easter (or ‘Paschal’) candle to remind us that Jesus, the Light of the World, is risen from death. Most churches have special services on this day.
The Easter season (or ‘Eastertide’) lasts for 50 days after Easter Day. During this time we continue to think about Jesus being alive – and how that affects us today.

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