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                                  The Church and its worship
Ordinary time
In seasonal time, the Church’s worship tends to have a clear focus or theme. But for the rest of the year, the Church keeps ‘ordinary time’. It’s as though we need some time simply to get on with everyday ‘ordinary’ life as Christians!
There are two periods of Ordinary Time. The first – from 3 February to Ash Wednesday – is quite short, and can be very short indeed if Easter is early. The second is much longer, and runs from the day after Pentecost to the day before Advent Sunday. The first Sunday in this period of Ordinary Time is Trinity Sunday – the day we celebrate that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Sundays during this long period of Ordinary Time are called the ‘Sundays after Trinity.’ The last weeks of the Christian year are marked by ‘Sundays before Advent’ and include celebrations of the saints (All Saints’ Day), those who have died (All Souls’ Day) and Remembrance Sunday.

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