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 Placing the voice (1)
Sing the exercise below, starting on a note in the middle of your range. Sing slowly and steadily, breathing in between each note and placing it carefully.
 Think of the area of your face where you will feel the vibrations, and widen the throat as you sing through each note. Sing the exercise several times, starting a semitone higher each time.
 cah cah cah cah cah cah cah cah
     Placing the voice (2)
For the exercise below, choose a starting note that is fairly high in your range. Place the sound in your forehead and allow it to travel upwards as the pitch gets higher, but don’t force the sound. If it feels uncomfortable, stop the exercise and ask your choir trainer to find you a different starting note.
Try to keep a light quality in the sound. To do this, you could try putting your arms out in front of you with your hands together, and drawing your hands apart slowly as you sing the exercise.
              nn   ah   ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
 Moving between registers (1)
For the next exercise, choose a starting note that is fairly low in your range. With your hands, imagine you are drawing a circle on each side of your head, moving from the back of your head, up and over towards your face and back round. Do this while you sing the exercise. This will help you travel from one register to another with no bumps in the sound.
 ah
 Moving between registers (2)
Choose a comfortable starting note for the following exercise. Place the lower notes around the lower teeth and the high notes in the forehead. Think as quickly as you can about these changes of position. However, take care not to disconnect the notes from one another – there should not be a bump or a complete change of tone.
Try sliding between the notes first. Once you can smoothly connect the notes, sing the exercise again without the slide, but keeping the sense of connection between the notes.
                   etc.
             ee ah ee ee ah ee Module A: Using the voice well
ee ah ee
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