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i This curved line is a slur. (See page 29  of the Dark Blue workbook or ask your
choir trainer for a reminder.) A slur tells
you to move smoothly between two
          notes of different pitches.
    This curved line is a tie. It looks like a slur, but always links notes of the same pitch.
     A tie tells you to treat the two notes as if they were one longer note. You add together the lengths of the two notes, and this is the length of the longer note.
   
These one–beat notes are tied or ‘added together’ to make one longer note of two beats. You don’t sing two separate one– beat notes: you make a two–beat note by holding the first note for two beats.
         One beat One beat
Ties are often used where one note is at the end of a bar and the other is at the
beginning of the next. So they often cross a barline.
  
These two notes become one note lasting three beats.
                  Add two ties to this example, joining notes of the same pitch.
             
  Look at the three ties in the music below, and answer the questions.
 1  23  
             How many crotchet beats does tie 1 last?
How many quavers in tie 2?
How many quavers in tie 3?
If you need help with this, ask your choir trainer.
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