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 Project editor: Tim Ruffer
Written and edited by Catherine Duffy, Anthony Marks and Leah Perona–Wright This edition fully revised and updated by Anthony Marks
Design and layout: Anthony Marks and Catherine Duffy Music origination: Leah Perona-Wright and Anthony Marks Illustrations: Jan Milders
Additional illustrations by Hilary Perona-Wright Editorial assistance: Julian Elloway and Sally Ruffer
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Voice for Life was developed by Leah Perona–Wright in consultation with experienced practitioners from across the UK and beyond. These include Gordon Appleton, Colin Baldy, Roger Brice, Chris Broughton, Lesley Cooper, June Cox, Colin Davey, Paul Ellis, Peter Futcher, Susan Gardner, Ameral Gunson, John Harper, Esther Jones, Sally Leeming, Hilary Llystyn Jones, Sue Moore, David Ogden, Jon Payne, Keith Roberts, Sheila Robertson, Ben Saunders, John Wardle, Alistair Warwick, Geoff Weaver and Jenevora Williams. We are grateful for their contributions.
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