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Here is a new key signature:
  
 
This is the key signature of E major and C sharp minor. Music with this key signature has four sharps.
           Name the four sharps in this key signature.
 _____ sharp _____ sharp _____ sharp _____ sharp
  The keys of A flat major and F minor are related. Can you work out which sharps or flats are in their key signature? Find the key note for A flat and sing the scale. (If you have trouble singing the full octave, start on a comfortable A flat and sing up five notes to E flat. Then sing back down to A flat. Continue downwards to the E flat below, then back up to the A flat.)
Now fill in the stairs chart below for A flat major. (For a reminder about stairs charts, see the Light Blue or Dark Blue workbooks.) Put the tonic note on the top and bottom stairs, and then fill in the other notes of the scale, working out the tones and semitones as you go. Write the notes on the stave too. Remember that key signatures have either sharps or flats, not both.
  A semitone is the distance from one stair to the next
                   A tone is the distance from  one stair to the next–but–one
Module B: Musical skills and understanding
How many sharps or flats are there in the key signature for A flat major and F minor?
 ____ sharp(s) ____ flat(s)
 Draw a treble or bass clef on this stave and then write the key signature for A flat major and F minor. (See page 26 or ask your choir trainer for help.)
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