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major key.    
 
Here is another new key signature:
  
 
This is the key signature of B major. Music with this key signature has five sharps: F, C, G, D and A sharps.
            What is the relative minor key of
B major? (For a reminder about related keys, see pages 22–23 of the Dark Blue book or ask your choir trainer.)
 ____ minor
Sing a scale of B major, ascending (going up) and descending (going down). Then sing a scale of its relative minor key.
 When you see a key signature with more than one flat, remember this easy way of identifying its major key. Look at the second–to–last flat. This is the key signature’s
 In this example, there are five flats. The second–to–last flat is D flat, so this is the key signature of D flat major. (It is also the key signature of B flat minor.)
            Name the five flats in the key signature above.
 _____ flat
_____ flat
_____ flat _____ flat
_____ flat
   Here is a key signature of three flats. What is the name of its major key?
    
_________ major
 Write a clef on this staff and then write the key signature for B minor and D major.
 Which two keys have a key signature of four sharps?
 _________ major _________ minor
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                                                                    New keys and key signatures

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