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i Writing key signatures
In key signatures, each sharp and flat has its own position on the staff. The staves on the right show the positions of sharps and flats in key signatures.
  
  sharps in treble
  
  Positions for F,
C, G, D and A
          and bass clefs
Positions for B, E, A, D and G flats in treble and bass clefs
sssss ffff sss fff
 
  
    
          Key signatures puzzle
ssss fff
        ss ffff ssss fff
 On the staves below, write the key signature of each key using only the sharps and flats in the circles above. Remember to draw a clef before each key signature. As you use each sharp or flat, cross it out in the circle. The first one is done for you.
 
Gs minor Af major E major G minor
A major Bf minor C minor E minor
           When you have finished, there will be some sharps and flats left over. Make them into key signatures by writing them on the staves on the right. (Draw a clef on each staff first.)
           Sharps Flats
Each of these two key signatures that you have written is for a major key and its relative minor key. Write the names of the keys in the box on the left.
____ major and ____ minor
____ major and ____ minor
   Module B: Musical skills and understanding
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                                                           New keys and key signatures

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