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Welcome to the Red level of Voice for Life. This is part of an exciting journey which can literally be life-long. We are all blessed with the ability to express ourselves through speaking, but even more so through singing. Voice for Life helps you to develop your skills, and to understand more about the music that you sing. It also rewards and records your progress.
It’s not a sprinting race to finish the book: pace yourself so that you understand what you are doing as you go; but that shouldn’t stop your enthusiasm for progressing. Your choir trainer will help keep you moving forwards at an appropriate pace.
Some of the workbook you can do on your own, but for other sections or parts you will need input from your choir trainer or other members of your choir. Don’t worry about doing this – other choir members expect to be asked for information or advice. That’s one of the great things about being in a choir!
Like any skills, music and singing need practice in order for you to improve. Some of this you can do alone – and individual practice is an important part of making progress – but some of the skills cannot be practiced on your own. Being part of a choir is one of the strongest ways of developing teamwork skills, and your choir will benefit from what you contribute. Choristers are respected and prized for their sense of discipline, teamwork and focus, and this will stand you in good stead in all sorts of areas of life well beyond singing.
As you grow in confidence and ability as a singer, you move to a point of sometimes taking solo parts. This is a really good thing, but is most effective when you remember as you do this that you are still working as part of a team. At Red level, you need also to think about, and take responsibility for, members of the choir who have less experience than you do: they need the same encouragement and support that will have been offered to you.
To complete the Red level of Voice for Life, you must achieve the targets listed on pages 40–43. Some targets are about your progress during choir rehearsals, services and concerts; others are about things you will do in your own time. As you work through them, you will improve as a singer and choir member. After you complete each one, your choir trainer will sign its box. You can find out what happens when you complete all the targets inside the back cover. There is a reference section on pages 44–46 and an index on page 47–48.
    Enjoy Voice for Life!
Hugh Morris Director, RSCM
 Icons The icons in this book tell you to:
Read this before going further
 Try a vocal or physical exercise
 Write an answer in the box
Sing something
Tick when you have finished an activity
     Think about something
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