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Writing programme notes
Concert programme booklets often contain programme notes – information to tell listeners about the music. For Red level, you have to write some programme notes using the information you collected for the worksheet on the previous page. Make copies of this page so that you can repeat it with several pieces of music.
Make your notes clear, easy to read, and interesting. Think about what your listeners would want to know. If you went to a concert and bought a programme, what kind of information would you like to have about the music? The following additional information might be useful:
 • What is the text about? Explain it in your own words. (Is it in English? If not, your readers need to know what language it is in and what it means.)
• Describe the music. How many vocal parts are there? What instruments are used? What is the feeling or mood of the music? Why does it feel like this?
  Name the piece of music.
 Programme note:
  You may want to continue writing on a separate piece of paper.
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