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Topic 3: Music in worship
In this topic, you will explore the links between music and prayer, and how music helps individuals and congregations to worship. (This topic follows on from topic 3 in Module E of the Dark Blue workbook – ‘Festivals in the Christian Year’ – so it may be useful to review that before you start.)
  Think about a regular church service with which you are familiar (such as Eucharist/ Communion or Morning Prayer). It could be one in which your choir takes part, or one at a church you attend. Think about the structure of this service, and answer the questions in the box below. (Refer to a service book or card if you like.)
 Write the name of the service you have chosen.
List the different parts of the service. In brackets after each part, say whether it is spoken or sung.
What role does music play in this service?
Are some parts sung by the choir alone?
Does the congregation join in with the music? How?
Module E: Choir in context
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