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 Now think about texts that are regularly sung in services that are familiar to you – for example Kyrie eleison, Glory to God, Holy holy holy, Lamb of God, Magnificat or any other sung text from the service you choose. For two of these texts, write their names in the box below and briefly describe their origins, in the Bible or elsewhere. This may require some research.
 Text 1
Text 2
  Now think about the music that you have heard or sung in services recently. Choose one of your favourites, write its name in the box below, then answer the questions about it.
 The title and composer of the piece:
Give the context of the piece in the service. Is it for a particular festival or occasion?
How is the congregation affected by this piece? How does the music help prayer and reflection?
Think of an appropriate prayer and Bible reading to go with this piece.
    Module E: Choir in context
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