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Singing is a physical activity, and your voice is your musical instrument. All the muscles in your body are involved in making your musical instrument work. If your muscles are tense, the quality of your voice will be affected. This is why it is important to maintain a good posture in order to sing well. Whether sitting or standing, when your posture is good:
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your body will feel well–balanced and stable, but relaxed
you will be able to see your conductor clearly at all times
you will look professional and confident, creating a good impression for your listeners
   Imagine you were helping new singers with their posture. To encourage them, you would point out things that are good about the way they stand or sit. But if their posture was not so good, you could mention ways they could improve, and say how a particular way of sitting or standing might affect their singing.
Here is a list of ten things that people often do when they stand or sit to sing. Four of them are good and six of them are bad. Put a tick by the ones that are good and a cross by the ones that are bad.
 1 Shoulders raised
2 Knees locked
3 Feet firmly on the ground 4 Music held very high
5 Music held very low
6 Weight on one leg 7 Knees relaxed
8 Straight back
9 Legs crossed
10 Feet slightly apart
     Some of the singers below are sitting or standing well – others not so well. Can you spot the good and bad points? Mark each picture with a number from the list above. Take care – some pictures may need more than one number, and you may need to use some numbers more than once.
Module A: Using the voice well
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