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The targets for the Red level of Voice for Life are listed on pages 40–43. As you work through this book, you will learn to do all the things below. This section is a record of your progress, so write your name here.
Each time you achieve a target, your choir trainer will sign the box and record the date. There is no time limit to complete the targets. It is more important to learn everything thoroughly than to rush to finish the book. Your choir trainer will make sure that you make steady progress so that when you finish the book you are prepared for the next level.
When all the boxes are signed, you have successfully completed Red level. Your choir trainer will sign the declaration on the inside back cover of this book, where you can also find out what happens next.
 Module A: Using the voice well
The singer understands the need for regular practice and:
• • •
• •
understands the need for good posture; as second nature, consistently stands and sits well in rehearsals and performances.
understands the basic mechanics of breathing.
has developed good breath management and demonstrates this through a good even tone and control of dynamics.
understands where it is appropriate
to breathe in the music, and why, and understands how to achieve the effect of no breathing in a piece or phrase using staggered breathing as part of the choir.
understands the basic mechanics of sound production.
understands the different registers of the voice and how to access them.
has developed the range and resonance of the voice, and has demonstrated this by singing an ascending and descending scale of at least an octave on any vowel, with resonance throughout, being aware of placing the sounds correctly and avoiding a break in the resonance.
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