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Simple time signatures time signatures in which the beat can be divided into two 20
Sitting to sing 4
Slur a curved line joining two notes of different pitch, indicating that the notes are to be sounded legato 19
Soft palate the soft area at the top of the back of your mouth 11
Solo singing 16, 33
Staggered breathing a technique of breathing used by a choir to give the illusion of a continuous sound 10
Tempo the Italian word for ‘speed’; used to
Tie a curved line joining two notes of the same pitch, indicating that the notes are to be treated as if they were one longer note 19
Tone (1) how a voice (or instrument) sounds, the nature of its sound 11–13
Tone (2) an interval (also called a major second), twice the size of a semitone 21
Tongue twisters 15
Triad a three–note chord 27, 46
Tuning whether or not a note is sounded at the correct pitch: also called Intonation 16
Unaccompanied singing 16
describe the speed of music
Standing to sing 4
Tension 5
12, 13
exercises to prepare you for 15, 16, 30, 31
Text the words of a piece of music
30, 31
15, 16,
Voice placing Vowels 15
singing 5
Warming up
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