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 Now imagine you had to explain to these singers what is good and bad about their posture. Each of these boxes contains something that happens if you do one of the ten numbered things in the list on the opposite page. Which box matches which number? Write the number next to each box. Two of them have been done for you already.
 Warming up the body and face muscles
• Tense all your muscles, clenching your hands into fists and hunching up your shoulders up. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat several times.
• Roll your shoulders, one at a time, then both together, in either direction. Roll your head slowly on your neck, opening your mouth as you reach the top so as not to strain your neck.
• Tense up your facial muscles tightly, then open your mouth and eyes as wide as possible, before slowly letting them relax completely.
Module A: Using the voice well
Any tension in your body while you are singing will be heard in your voice. The key areas where tension may develop are the jaw, neck and shoulders. If you feel tension building up in your muscles, use the exercises below to help you relax. You can also use them to warm up before you practise singing at home.
  • Reach up slowly with your hands
and arms and then stretch upwards until you are on tiptoes. Then curl the spine slowly downwards, hanging the head and neck, with hands and arms towards the floor. Hang there for a few moments, swaying gently from side to side. Then straighten up to a good upright standing posture.
 • Move your jaw round and round or pretend you are chewing a toffee.
• Shake your hands by your side, as though shaking off water.
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             Causes tension in the neck, throat and jaw
Means your whole body is properly supported from the ground up
Sound goes straight down to the floor
Puts the body off–balance, causing tension in the legs, back and neck muscles
Causes tension in the legs which moves through the body, restricting breathing
Music covers your mouth and stifles the sound
Makes the body twist and may cause you to slump, restricting your breathing
Balances your weight and eliminates tension
Means there is not too much tension in your legs
Means you are sitting or standing upright so your breathing is unrestricted

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