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 The following exercises will help you to develop your breath control. Try to sing straight through without taking any breaths. If you can’t get to the end of each one without taking a breath, don’t worry. If you keep practising the exercises on the previous page a little each day, you will gradually find it easier to control your breathing. You will be able to get a little bit further through each time.
Breath control exercises
While singing this exercise, imagine you are inflating a tyre in your lower back – you need to keep ‘inflating’ right to the end.
 mee meh mah maw moo mee meh mah maw moo mee meh mah maw moo
mee meh mah maw moo mee meh mah maw moo
 When you are comfortable with the exercise above, try the next one, which will help breath control over a wider range of notes.
 meemehmahmaw moo   meemehmahmawmoo
 meemehmahmaw moo   meemehmahmawmoo
 mee mehmahmaw moo   meemehmahmawmoo
 Remember that if you feel dizzy or weak while exercising your voice, you should stop, sit down and relax. If the problem continues, talk to your choir trainer.
Did you know that tiredness affects your voice? When you are tired you need more effort to breathe and to speak – this can lead to vocal strain. Tiredness also makes the throat drier. This makes the voice sound strained and lacking in resonance. Try to have some rest before you sing and make sure you drink plenty of water.
Did you know that you need to be reasonably fit in order to sing well? To help improve your stamina for singing, consider taking some form of regular exercise. Running, cycling, aerobics
or swimming are all good forms of aerobic exercise, but there are many other sporting activities that will help to keep your heart and lungs healthy. Anything that keeps you active for around 20 minutes is good.
To have the stamina to sing for long periods, it is important to eat little and often. If you have not eaten a proper meal before you sing, eating an energy bar half an hour before you sing will help keep your energy levels up during your rehearsal or performance.
Module A: Using the voice well
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