Page 15 - Mirror to the soul
P. 15

                                Psalm 19
Creation; Scripture; providence
tHe staRs declare his glory; the vault of heaven springs
mute witness of the Master’s hand in all created things,
and through the silences of space their soundless music sings.
2 The dawn returns in splendour, the heavens burn and blaze,
the rising sun renews the race that measures all our days,
and writes in fire across the skies God’s majesty and praise.
3 So shine the Lord’s commandments to make the simple wise;
more sweet than honey to the taste, more rich than any prize,
a law of love within our hearts, a light before our eyes.
4 So order too this life of mine, direct it all my days;
the meditations of my heart be innocence and praise,
my Rock, and my redeeming Lord, in all my words and ways.

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