Page 83 - Mirror to the soul
P. 83

                                Psalm 146
‘Set your souls to sing his praise’
PRaise the God of our salvation, all life long your voices raise,
stir your hearts to adoration,
set your souls to sing his praise!
2 Turn to him, his help entreating; only in his mercy trust:
human pomp and power are fleeting; mortal flesh is born for dust.
3 Thankful hearts his praise have sounded down the ages long gone by:
happy they whose hopes are founded in the God of earth and sky!
4 Faithful Lord of all things living, by his bounty all are blest;
bread to hungry bodies giving, justice to the long-oppressed.
5 For the strength of our salvation, light and life and length of days,
praise the King of all creation,
set your souls to sing his praise!

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