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&b ∑ Ó Œ œ œ œ
J œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ
1 Our God made the planets
bB¨œTMœœG‹jC‹ F7B¨ B¨œTMœœj &b œ J œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ J œ œ
stars in the heav-ens, each star in its place, the earth that we live on, the -te - ri - ous crea-tures who live in the dark, the   gull and the gan - net, the sands of the des - ert, the prair-ies and plains; the beasts of the jung - le, the
ra - ces and col - ours, all na-tions and lands: may we, as your child- ren, res-
bTMB¨F7B¨œTMœœjC‹ F7
                                      plan - ets to cir - cle in space, the
o - ceans, the shrimp and the shark, mys -
made the
moun-tains and mead-ows he made and sus-tains, the
cre - a - ted the
1 Our
2 He
3 The
4 Our world and its peo - ples God holds in his hands, all
&bœœœœœ œ                         Jœœœœ œ˙
œ œ TM home for his child- ren, for you and for me.
C‹ F7 B¨œœ jC‹ F7 B¨
                      land and the sea, wal - rus and whale,
birds of the air, pond to your call
are   all his cre - a - tion, for whom we should care. and love one an - oth - er, as you love us all.
   tide in its full - ness, the storm and the gale.
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