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3 The Bible tells of Jesus’ birth
1. The Bi-ble tells of Je- sus’ birth, Je- sus’ birth, Je- sus’ birth, the 2. The Bi-ble tells what Je-sus said, Je-sus said, Je-sus said, who 3. The Bi-ble tells how Je-sus died, Je-sus died, Je-sus died, the 4. The Bi-ble tells how Je-sus lives, Je-sus lives, Je-sus lives, and
& ∑ ∑ Ó Œ ‰ œj œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ
                              #TMœ                             œ œTM
G œœA‹ D
&œ œœ œ œœœ œ œj
                 Son of God a child of earth, who as our Sa - viour came. The by his word the hung - ry fed and made the blind to see. The friend of sin - ners, cru - ci - fied for those he came to save. The how a - bund - ant life he gives to those for whom he came. The
Bi - ble tells of Ga - li - lee, Ga - li - lee, Ga - li - lee, where Bi - ble tells of Je - sus’ care, Je - sus’ care, Je - sus’ care, for Bi - ble tells how Je-sus rose, Je-sus rose, Je-sus rose, no Bi - ble shows him as our friend, as our friend, as our friend, who
#GTMœ œœA‹œ GTM &œœœœœœœœœ‰
Je - sus taught be - side the sea, and healed the sick and lame. all God’s child - ren ev - ery- where, in - clud - ing you and me. long - er now in death’s re - pose but ris - en from the grave! walks be - side us to the end, and knows us all by name.
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G œœA‹ D &œœœœœœ

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