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7 Spirit of God, be here among us
œ DE‹7A7TMDœœ œœD˙TM
& &#œœœœœœœœœœj
œœ œœœ˙TM œ˙
Spi-rit of God, be here a-mong us! Come from a - bove, Spi-rit of love, your
œœTM œ Spi-rit di - vine, be here a-mong us! Teach us to sing
A7 A7 D B‹7
                       Spi-rit of God, behere a-mong us, Spi-rit di - vine, be here a - mong us,
                                     A/E œ œ A7 Œ ##œœœœœ˙ TM
                   love, joy
and peace be here a - mong us!
j A7 D
#2.B‹ #
  &œœœ œœœœœœ˙Œ œœTMœ œ œœ
                                ‘Je-sus is King,’ his Spi-rit of love be here a - mong us!
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