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17 We are soldiers of the King
&∑∑ÓŒœTMœœœ œ 1. We are sold - iers of the King, we
                         #œTM œTM j œj
& œ œ œ œTM œ œ œ œ œ
A‹ D G/B E‹7
can 2. We are sold - iers of the Lord with the
                              all that is good we hea - ven - ly ar - mour,
œTM œ œ œTM œ fight. Though the strug - gle may be long it is
march and we can sing, and for Bi - ble as our sword, and our
#˙TM TMœ & œTMœœ
                              too. As the child - ren of the light we are A‹ D G/B A‹D7G
# œTM
& œ œœœTMœœœœJ œ
œTM j œ TM God who keeps us strong to de - fend what is fair and right.
                                 fear - less in the fight, and we stand for the kind and true.
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