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In 1848 Miss Cecil Humphreys ('Fanny' to the family), just turning thirty, published her Hymns for Little Children; she was to become much better known over the years by her married name as Mrs Alexander. Her collection, touchingly dedicated to her young godsons, sought to help them know and understand the teachings of their church (in her case, the Church of Ireland), especially the Commandments and the Creed. Today, of her forty texts, most have well outlived their usefulness and are sunk without trace. But three especially remain in common use, and are still to be found in many twenty- first century hymnals. They are ‘All things bright and beautiful’, written about God as Creator; ‘Once in royal David’s city’ on the Incarnation; and ‘There is a green hill far away’ about the sufferings and Cross of Christ.
Our work does not aspire to such longevity! But if one of these hymns or songs serves to lift the worship of younger voices, and perhaps to be of use, under God’s hand, to inform a child’s understanding and to help towards a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, who could ask for more?
The CD enclosed with this book provides backing tracks for all the songs in One Big Family. Each song has a brief introduction, which is repeated between verses. Songs which have only one verse are played through twice.
At the back of the book, we have provided lead sheets that include the melody line, lyrics and guitar chords. All chords are provided at pitch. If your church has a CCLI Music Reproduction Licence, these pages may be photocopied for church use. Please report usage of these songs in your annual reporting to CCLI.
William Llewellyn Timothy Dudley-Smith
Colyton, Devon Ford, Salisbury
September 2017

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