Page 9 - One Big Family
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OUR GOD MADE THE PLANETS to circle in space, the stars in the heavens, each star in its place, the earth that we live on, the land and the sea,
a home for his children, for you and for me.
2 He created the oceans, the shrimp and the shark, mysterious creatures who live in the dark,
the gull and the gannet, the walrus and whale, the tide in its fullness, the storm and the gale.
3 The mountains and meadows he made and sustains, the sands of the desert, the prairies and plains;
the beasts of the jungle, the birds of the air,
are all his creation, for whom we should care.
4 Our world and its peoples God holds in his hands, all races and colours, all nations and lands:
may we, as your children, respond to your call and love one another, as you love us all.
Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith © administered by Oxford University Press in Europe (including UK and Ireland) and Africa, and by Hope Publishing Company in all other territories (including USA)
Music: William Llewellyn © 2017 Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP

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