Page 103 - Light on the way
P. 103

Grace; love of God; redemption
WHEN GOD in mercy sought us, rebellious and astray,
from death to life he brought us,
from darkness into day: when dead in sin he found us,
defeated in the strife,
he broke the chains that bound us
and gave our spirits life.
2 How rich his mercy, bending to stoop and save the lost,
his Son for sinners sending at more than mortal cost:
in him who died to save us the love of God is shown,
eternal life he gave us who trust in him alone.
3 Let grace be all our story, how God’s amazing love
shall raise us up in glory to sit with Christ above;
to reign with him in heaven, to see the Saviour’s face,
redeemed, restored, forgiven, as sinners saved by grace.
Alternative tune: AURELIA

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